Jul Jul 27, 2017

Mechanics Lien: Preserving Your Rights

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Mechanics lien rights require careful planning and consideration before any construction. The Woodall Law Firm PLLC has extensive experience working with clients to preserve mechanics lien rights. Here are a few tips on how to best ensure mechanics lien rights hold up. Mechanics Lien Draft mechanics lien with precision In the event of litigation, judges scrutinize mechanics lien carefully. If any are found inaccurate, they are generally found invalid. Seeking legal help is recommended [...]

Jul Jul 20, 2017

M&A Process: Selling Your Business

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Many entrepreneurs start their business with a goal in mind: to grow the business large enough to attract a bid from a larger company. Acquisitions can result in huge paydays for founders and other early employees of a company. How an acquisition comes together and is completed will have huge implications on the company and its employees’ future. Corporate mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are highly regulated by the government. There are a lot of [...]

Jul Jul 13, 2017

Vacancy and Occupancy Clauses in Property Insurance

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Alot of commercial property owners use renter insurance to protect their property from damage or neglect. A lot of renter’s insurance policies excludes all coverage during vacancies. Unfortunately, the policies often fail to specifically define vacancies with any length of time or what exactly constitutes a vacant property. The confusion often leads to litigation when there is a difference of opinion between owners and insurance companies over whether a property was truly vacant. Insurance policies [...]

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