No matter where you are in building your business, making an early connection with an established business attorney will help you succeed. All around Texas, businesses small and large work with attorneys to protect their interests. The Woodall Law Firm PLLC works with customers, from entrepreneurs to large brands to help them with any legal issues.

The right business attorney can help walk you through all the required documents and regulations involved in opening a business. They help you decide how to structure your business, whether it should be a corporation, s-corp, limited liability company, etc. Arranging the right structure prepares your company for growth while protecting personal assets from liability. Attorneys also help keep secure copies of corporation filings and other documents that may need to be presented during tax audits or other legal inquiries. Fortunately, Texas is a pro-business state with limited regulation relative to other states. This frees up businesses to take on a lot of administrative work themselves. Still, partnering with the right law firm can mean the resources are there if you come up against a challenge that needs assistance. At the very least, attorneys can guide you through the work to make sure no mistakes are made.

After the company set up is arranged, business attorneys can help structure the company so it can grow and develop smoothly. They can help by providing consultation on how to protect the company when hiring or firing personnel, product safety, distribution and other key aspects of running a successful business. It’s a great way to outsource business functions so company leaders can focus on areas like sales and strategy for growth. Attorneys can help with business plan reviews as well to let you know if there are any potential legal liabilities you need to be aware of. They can also in some cases spot tax issues are refer you to a capable accountant. Indeed, one of the benefits of a well-connected business attorney is they can use their large network to help your business in areas outside of legal issues.

how can a business attorney help you

Attorneys also can structure contracts appropriately, so your company is protected. This helps protect your business when dealing with suppliers, contractors, and other partners. Bad contracts or employee issues hamper business growth, especially for small businesses with limited time and resources. They can create non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to make sure your intellectual property is protected. NDAs are something a lot of new companies overlook because they aren’t familiar yet with the potential loss of a key employee with technical expertise or insight into your product development roadmap. It’s better to protect yourself up front than must deal with courts down the road.

Contact The Woodall Law Firm PLLC to talk about how we can help with business formation, contracts, business planning, NDAs and other legal issues. Take the time now to protect your company and assets so you can focus on growing your company and building success. We have built our reputation on dedication to excellence. The right business lawyer can guide you through common business pitfalls and facilitate growth.