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James Rensimer

Mr. Rensimer is a trial attorney with significant experience handling complex commercial litigation, wrongful death, product liability, dram shop and liquor liability, premise liability, contractual disputes, and DTPA cases.

• Insurance Coverage, Defense, & Large Loss Subrogation
• Personal Injury/Wrongful Death Defense
• Premise Liability
• Product Liability
• Commercial & Civil Litigation
• Real Estate & Construction Disputes
• Labor & Employment
• Contracts

Product Liability
Defending a national distributor of GPS devices against the allegation the GPS was a defective product and the cause and origin of a car fire, resulting in a claim for more than $10M in damages.

Breach of Deed Restrictions for flooding of residential property
Prosecuting a homeowner’s claims against the home builder and other defendants, including the homeowners’ association, for massive flooding of the lot and $385,000 home. The flooding was caused by failure of the HOA to enforce deed restrictions requiring a drainage plan for every residential lot developed. The homeowner was able to compromise and settle with all defendants for a total of $708,000.

Breach of Warranty
Defending an oil drill-leasing company against allegations the drilling motor was defective and failed during operations, allegedly causing 6-figure damages. Motion For Summary Judgment based on statute of limitations, and counter-claim against plaintiff for a groundless lawsuit. The plaintiff paid the oil-drill-leasing company $20,000 to compromise and settle before the summary judgment hearing.

Breach of Shareholder Agreement, Application for Temporary Restraining Order
Defending closely-held corporation and its founding principals against minority-interest shareholder on claims for breach of shareholder agreement, fraud, and oppression. Minority-interest shareholder wanted employment reinstated after termination. Jim filed a counter-claim for groundless lawsuit, fraud, and breach of duty by minority-interest shareholder. Final Judgment on defendants’ counter-claim in the amount of total damages $76,795.47, sanctions in the amount of $223,673.00, and attorneys’ fees in the amount of $199,300.00. Execution on Final Judgment recovered all stock owned by minority-interest shareholder.

Violation of Texas Insurance Code
Prosecuting denial of an insurance claim on a failed foundation of a home. Engineer retained by insurer admitted that at least 80% of expert’s opinions on failed foundation claims concluded the foundation failed from the natural condition of the soil. The expert testified the foundation failed from the soil, not the plumbing leak that existed since construction of the home. Compromised and settled for $175,000.

Breach of Information Technology Service contract
Prosecuting breach of IT service contract for failure to provide computer network security updates, and deleting data on DROBO hard drive. Early litigation settlement demand rejected. Damages awarded in verdict were higher than settlement demand. Both parties appealed. Defendant appeal denied. Plaintiff appeal awarded court costs of approximately $20,000.

Wrongful Death, Negligence and Gross Negligence.
Arbitration trial in Salt Lake City, Utah, for death of 57yo demolition contractor who was crushed when demolition property crashed down on cabin of crane. Arbitrator finding gross negligence against employer. Awarded $560,000.

Violation of Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code (Dram Shop Act)
Defending Fast Eddie’s Billiards in a Dram Shop action alleging the bar over-served the drunk driver, causing the drunk driver to fatally run over a Beaumont police officer (the 1st female police officer killed in the line of duty in Beaumont, Texas). Plaintiff demanded $1M insurance coverage limit. Compromised and settled for less than $115,000.

Breach of Oilfield Service Contract, Fraud
Defending Roclan Oilfield Services in the federal district court for the Southern District of Texas, against fraudulent billing claims by Apache Corporation. Apache alleged $3M in fraudulent charges. Roclan Oilfield Services counter-claimed for $2.7M for failure to pay undisputed invoices. Compromised and settled for mutual non-suit, “walk-away” deal.

Violation of Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code (Dram Shop Act)
Defending The Stadium Sports Bar against Dram Shop allegations of over-serving alcohol that resulted in the deaths of the drunk driver (31yo) and passenger (30 yo). The drunk driver’s Blood Alcohol Concentration was .27, approximately 3 ½ times over the legal limit in the State of Texas. Plaintiffs demanded $3.3M at mediation. Compromised and settled for less than $175,000.

Premises Liability
Defending Valero Energy in refinery accident where contractor fell 20 feet off-platform resulting in brain and back injuries. Valero Energy was non-suited on the 1st day of trial. The jury awarded Plaintiff $1.4M against the remaining defendants.

Violation of Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code (Dram Shop Act), Negligence
Prosecuted the claims of the family for fatality from drunk driving accident on Sam Houston Tollway on Halloween Night. Drunk driver Blood Alcohol Concentration almost 4 times the legal limit in the State of Texas. Compromised and settled claims against alcohol provider pre-trial for $600,000. Plaintiff verdict against drunk driver for $5.1M actual damages, $8.5M punitive damages ($13.6M total).

Violation of Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code (Dram Shop Act)
Defended Omni Hotel against Dram Shop Act allegations resulting in fatality of car dealership employee at company Christmas Party. Lowest settlement demand $1M. Trial result: Defense verdict.

Violation of Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code (Dram Shop Act)
Defended Bennigan’s franchise in administrative action by Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission seeking to revoke liquor license for fatality of under-age drinker (19yo) who died in car fire after Driving While Intoxicated. Drunk driver’s Blood Alcohol Concentration was more than double the legal limit in the State of Texas. Trial result: no revocation or suspension of Bennigan’s liquor license. $9,000 fine imposed.

• Texas State Courts
• U.S. District Court Southern District of Texas

The University of Texas at Austin – 1987
• University of Denver, Sturm College of Law – 1996
• Utica University, Master of Professional Studies, Cyber Policy and Risk Analysis – 2018

Mr. Rensimer co-authored Dram Shop and Liquor Liability, which was published in the Corporate Counsel Review, South Texas College of Law, 2002.