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The Woodall Law Firm are labor and employment attorneys in The Woodlands, Texas. We handle all areas of labor and employment-related litigation and transaction cases in The Woodlands, Houston, Montgomery County, Harris County, and other nearby areas. We resolve cases that revolve around protection of trade secrets, non-compete agreements, employment contracts, commissions, bonuses, employment discrimination, executive compensation and termination, severance agreements, employee fraud, restrictive covenant agreement, unpaid compensations, and non-qualified executive compensation plans.

Our labor and employment attorneys possess vast experience in resolving class actions, arbitrations, breach of contract, and claims for declaratory and injunctive relief. We are capable of addressing the needs of each case no matter what it may be about, even if it involves the negotiation of complex settlements in order to prevent litigation or having the case in court. Emotional hardships and financial troubles are two factors an employee are bound to face if he/she loses their job. And for an employer, your business and reputation can suffer significant damage if a costly lawsuit is filed against you. Call on our attorneys today. Let us help you resolve your labor and employment disputes.

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The Woodall Law Firm’s labor and employment attorneys understand the severe consequences that could result from the shaky employment relationship between an employer and their employees. Our lawyers can prevent the loss of your business, or help you recover different forms of relief, including getting your employers not to contest unemployment benefits, obtaining severance agreements, securing monetary settlements for our clients, and changing the reason for resignation, termination, or separation. We have an extensive knowledge of issues revolving around labor and employment law due to the fact that we represent both employers and employees. With this knowledge, we are fully capable of efficiently representing our clients, either at a trial or at the negotiation table. Based in The Woodlands, Texas, we have handled quite a lot of employment cases in the area. We have seen cases where a departing employee steps out of line and leaves with their employer’s trade secrets or some other important information.

We have also experienced cases where employees breach the terms of restrictive covenants. In order to avoid situations like this, you need labor and employment lawyers who are dedicated to protecting you from any form of defection that may be caused by your employees. Our practice is focused on issues that have to do with employee recruitment, employee defection, and the protection of trade secrets. Unfair competition and trade secrets issues are on the rise in today’s business world. Given the fact that the economy has become more information-driven and technology-based, it’ very easy for employees to cart off their employer’s trade secrets and many more critical data when they are leaving the company.

Our team of attorneys will help you draft restrictive covenant agreements, and also help you implement policies that are designed to secure your competitive assets. We are fully aware of how courts construe and enforce agreements during litigations, therefore we essentially draft agreements and contracts with a pragmatic and practical eye. You should know that your company is at a large risk when you hire an employee from your competitors. This is because you don’t know whether the new employee has an enforceable restrictive covenant with their former employer. Our attorneys can help you evaluate the exposure that can be generated by your potential hire and also come up with strategies to minimize the risks that comes with hiring from your competitors.

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Our labor and employment attorneys also litigate matters regarding trade secrets and restrictive contracts. This extends to non-compete covenants, unfair competition, duty of loyalty disputes, non-solicitation agreements, employee raiding claims, and many statutory actions. These disputes often require emergency solutions for injunctive relief. We are capable of quickly deploying our team to help you defend or initiate a temporary restraining order action in almost any location.

Our sole focus for our labor and employment practice at The Woodall Law Firm deals with the negotiation of terms and conditions of a particular bargaining agreement, while ensuring that your interests are not jeopardized, your operations are not disrupted in anyway, and maximum employer discretion is fully allowed in all areas of your business. We utilize comparative compensation analysis for the negotiation of competitive wage scales. This tool is just one of the powerful tools we use for this process.

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Being able to frame these issues in a subtle and delicate manner requires great proficiency. If done wrongly, it can have a significant effect on the packages you set for your final wage. Our attorneys also provide our clients with counsels and guidance on how to maintain a positive relationship with an employee, and proven recommendations on how to prevent labor problems from happening to you and your business.

After years of experience dealing with labor and employment law, we know that sometimes your company’s reputation is on the line—sometimes your whole company is. Having a strong and competent litigator is quite essential especially if the issue is one being decided by the court. Whether you are facing a bet-the-company litigation or you’re defending as a single plaintiff, the need for a professional, skilled, and competent litigator cannot be overemphasized. Through our cutting-edge, cost-effective, and creative strategies, we have been able to achieve a great string of success for many clients.


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The Woodall Law Firm’s attorneys are focused on providing our clients with efficient advocacy and effective legal assistance in every area of labor and employment law. With over forty years of combined experience in this important area of law, it’s safe to say our team has seen and done it all. We have represented our clients in so many cases, including representing clients at different federal, state, and local administrative agencies. Our lawyers have provided our clients with the right drafts and reviews for non-compete agreements and restrictive covenants between employers and employees. Most of our clients include management level employees and top executives, and we are always fully focused on their needs as well as their unique positions when conducting negotiations on severance agreements. We also know that each client is unique, and for this reason, we tailor our services to offer a personalized experience for each of our clients. With The Woodall Law Firm PLLC on your case, be rest assured that you have a professional and competent legal team which you can trust to defend your company.

Whether you and your business are deep in a string of damaging lawsuits, a difficult litigation case, a claim of systemic discrimination, a huge class action, or maybe an invasive government investigation, with our team behind your interests, be rest assured that you’ll get nothing but the best possible outcome.


At The Woodall Law Firm, we offer a personalized, small law firm experience, while providing the highest quality legal services for our clients.