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Looking for oil and gas attorneys in The Woodlands, Texas? Great, because you just found The Woodall Law Firm PLLC, one of the best oil and gas law firms in Texas. Our attorneys have an in-depth understanding of the energy, oil, and gas business in Texas, as well as the complications that come with the different government regulations, especially in The Woodlands, Harris County, Montgomery County, and Houston. For many years now, we have been providing many oil and gas businesses with legal representations and we have also offered many title opinions, including mineral acquisition opinions, division order title opinions, and drilling title opinions. Our attorneys are very familiar with common and complex title difficulties, and we also offer draft and routine reviews of lease agreements, title curative documents, rights of way, oil and gas conveyances, and farm-in and farm-out agreements. The acquisition of every type of interest in oil, gas as well as other natural resources also fall in this area of our practice.

Oil And Gas Attorneys | The Woodlands, Texas

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Besides the fact that we provide oil and gas companies with legal representation, The Woodall Law Firm also provides individuals with legal representations in curing title issues, lease cancellation matters, oil and gas lease negotiations, payment of royal disputes, and drafting conveyances. Given the fact that we are also well versed with estate planning and business planning, we consider our attorneys to be uniquely positioned to provide advise our clients on other related interests, such as the organization and operations of oil and gas properties.

When it comes to oil, gas, and mineral disputes, we are proud to say our attorneys are vastly experienced. Our attorneys are practiced in a variety of oil, gas and mineral matters, including various aspects of energy production. We fully comprehend the legal requirements of major and independent energy companies, including oil and gas service providers, leasehold interest owners, oil and natural gas companies, and interests of mineral owners.

Our attorneys also have extensive experience with all aspects of oil and gas bankruptcy proceedings, including liquidation, reorganization, adversary proceedings, and receiverships. You can count on oil and gas our attorneys at The Woodall Law Firm to ensure that the deal structure, drafting and negotiation process, due diligence, and closing and post-closing issues will be handled smoothly, with extra attention given to creating an appropriate balance between the desire to manage legal risks and our clients’ business goals. We know that commercial and operational agreements are important to our client’s success. Therefore, we often help our clients with the drafting and negotiation of many agreements without losing the deal points or the lengthy, complex structures.  Most of the oil, gas, and energy litigation services we offer are usually patronized by our transactional clients. This has provided our team with a real-world transactional experience, thereby making us to know what is really important in a deal. We have also garnered litigation experience from this set of clients as we now know what could go sideways, how things could go wrong, as well as how to minimize the risk of anything going wrong.

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Our attorneys at The Woodall Law Firm PLLC in The Woodlands, TX also counsel our clients on the day-to-day operations, in addition to performing due diligence related with acquisitions and divestitures. Within the upstream sector, we perform oil and gas leases, joint ventures, joint exploration, join development, and participation agreements. We also provide assistance with join operating agreements, surface use agreements, and confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. In the midstream sector, our attorneys counsel on engineering, procurement and construction agreements, along with joint ownership agreements. Finally, concerning the oilfield service and manufacturing contracts, we can help with master service agreements, drilling and other well service agreements, seismic agreements, manufacturing and fabrication agreements, and equipment rental agreements. Trust our team with oil and gas lawyers to help you out with each and every segment of your project, from the drill bit, burner tip, wellhead, retail gasoline pump, and every other energy related issue in Texas.

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With decades of combined experience, the The Woodall Law Firm team is focused on helping our clients in Texas’ energy industry to resolve all their legal issues. Our attorneys understand why oil and gas producers need to operate effectively and efficiently under close transactions, regulations, and negotiate fair contracts, while limiting their liabilities. We are knowledgeable and well-equipped to resolve any kind of oil, gas, and energy litigation. Whether the dispute is about royalties, leases, breach of contract, property damage, royalty and mining rights, liens, ownership issues related to titles, drilling, exploration, potash miners, regulatory matters, environmental litigation, oil field production and “fracking” injuries, or the contamination of surface and ground water due to the migration of natural gas, be rest assured that our oil and gas attorneys will successfully navigate the practical and legal challenges of the case.


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Oil And Gas Attorneys in The Woodlands, Texas

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The owners of oil, gas, and energy companies are sometimes accused of not compensating land owners and mineral rights by paying them royalties—and due to the fact that drilling is a dangerous business, many oil and gas companies usually have no choice but to deal with property damage like explosions and oil well fires. Workers are prone to getting injured during these accidents, and this may lead to litigation. Our team of attorneys is overly capable of putting out the fires in such matters. With our vast experience and incomparable knowledge, we can help you overcome disputes that have to do with mineral titles, royalties, commercial transactions involving sales and purchase agreements, industry-related accidents, and operating agreements. No matter what your legal challenges may be, our attorneys are ready to help you develop an out of court resolution. And if it seems like going to court will be the only way to resolve the issue, be rest assured that our experienced litigators will provide you with a competent representation in a court hearing or contested matter.

Here at The Woodall Law Firm PLLC, our combined experience and insurmountable legal knowledge have provided us with the opportunity to successfully serve many different clients in The Woodlands and all surrounding communities. Our lawyers look to set our clients on the right path of the law by ensuring that they fully understand their rights and adhere to the different industry regulations, thereby avoiding litigation. We provide oil and gas companies with advises on contractual issues and ensure that they understand and comply with the federal laws and well as the laws of Texas.


At The Woodall Law Firm, we offer a personalized, small law firm experience, while providing the highest quality legal services for our clients.