OSHA inspections are an important legal requirement in the construction industry. Preparing for inspections and responding to any necessary finding places added administrative burden on construction companies’ operations. Seeking out competent legal counsel can help companies avoid any costly mistakes. The Woodall Law Firm PLLC works with clients daily to address OSHA concerns and ensure compliance.

OSHA inspections

OSHA Inspections: How to handle these?

Even though OSHA regulations can be updated, they are posted publicly to allow companies reasonable time to comply. If an OSHA citation is issued for some reason, employers are required to post it near where the violation occurred for three days or until the issue is fixed. Citations also must remain posted if they are being contested.

If a citation is issued after an OSHA inspection, employers can contest it within 15 business days by providing written notice. If the company opts not to contest the citation, any associated fines must be paid within the 15-day time limit. Companies need to weigh whether contesting a citation is worth the effort. Fighting an OSHA claim can be lengthy and costly. Employers must consider whether fighting the claim for months is worth the focus and money taken away from work. Attorneys familiar with OSHA citations can offer valuable insight on whether contesting a citation will be fruitful.

Abatement Requirements

Employers need to know how to satisfy abatement requirements in order to move forward from an OSHA citation. Abatement generally means what needs to be changed for a citation to be removed. Abatement requirements vary state to state, so it’s important to find legal counsel who can assist with Texas-specific processes. Failure to meet requirements can mean additional citations that result in fines or work interruptions.

Employers also need to make sure that there is no retaliation taken by anyone in the company against any individual who files an OSHA complaint. Any harassment can result in a lawsuit or further OSHA investigations. If an individual who previously filed an OSHA complaint is involved in any future disciplinary action, it’s important that precise records are kept of each incident to avoid being accused of purposely targeting said individual.

Learn more about OSHA inspections and their effects on your construction company

Every construction company should take proper efforts to prepare for an eventual OSHA inspection. It’s always better to have been prepared than to have to deal with a citation. Taking necessary steps to become OSHA compliant will save a lot of stress down the road. It can also avoid any interruption in work, or any fines tied to an OSHA citation. Finding the right law firm can help you know how to prepare for OSHA inspections. In the unfortunate event that a citation is issued, legal counsel can help make sure interruptions and fines are as minimal as possible. This will help make sure company operations can proceed. For more information on OSHA inspections and citations, reach out to The Woodall Law Firm PLLC and speak to someone on our team today.