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Do you need a real estate and construction lawyer in The Woodlands? Then The Woodall Law Firm is at your service. Our reputation in construction litigation precedes us quite well in The Woodlands, Texas, and its nearby communities. Our real estate and construction attorneys provide our numerous clientele with competent representations regarding a wide variety of construction litigation.  We have been able to serve our large client base, including contractors, construction managers, architects and engineers, and project owners, such as governmental, corporate, and nonprofit organizations, with efficient and professional construction litigation services. We also provide our clients with assistance on matters involving the sale development and lease of every real estate type, whether it’s commercial, residential, or industrial. We believe our attorneys are simply the best to call on in The Woodlands, Montgomery County, Houston, Harris County, and others close by. Many construction litigation disputes usually revolve around alleged breach of contracts, mechanic liens, or construction defects. These contracts may tend to be extremely complex and advanced or be quite simple.

We have extensive experience representing buyers and sellers of real estate, from the initial discussions to the closing. Our real estate and construction lawyers advise clients during the negotiation, contract, research, and closing stages of all projects. For example, after customizing a contract to the situation, we can help arrange inspections, surveys, soil borings and environmental assessments. In addition, we can work with clients to obtain the best package of development incentives from economic development authorities for industrial and commercial projects. Also, we are capable of negotiating lease terms on behalf of both tenants and landlords on important issues such as permitted uses, options, common areas, alterations, early terminations, indemnifications, and guarantees.

Real Estate and Construction Lawyers | The Woodlands

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Our real estate attorneys can also help clients in confirming that real estate is suitable for their needs and obtaining the appropriate zoning approvals for required for their plans. We have applied for and obtained zoning variances for many non-conforming features, such as use, color, height, pollutants, signage and other aspects of completed facilities. If special situations or circumstances ever arise, we can even help to arrange for appropriate appraisers, architects, inspectors, engineers and surveyors to assist with your project.

It is imperative to understand that the purchase of a commercial or residential real estate property or project is a huge investment that comes with expected risks. We want to minimize these risks for our clients through aggressive advocacy and focusing on their own best interests. We understand that overlooking even the smallest detail on your real estate contract may put a lot of things at stake. That is why we ensure to pay close attention to all of our clients’ needs.

The real estate attorneys of The Woodall Law Firm PLLC have served many sellers, buyers, developers, and builders throughout Texas. We have been relied on many times and we have ensured to backup that reliability with professional litigation services. Our major goals is to provide you with a world-class service mixed with unwavering dedication so as to facilitate your real estate transaction. To ensure a smooth and convenient real estate transaction for you, we will remain by your side throughout the entire process; right from the initial discussions to the finalization of the contracts.

Our team of professional attorneys has extensive experience when it comes to handling a wide variety of common claims. We are capable of handling issues on whether or not the initial contract included ordered work. Additionally, the financial impact that results from a delayed project affects several parties who are committed or related to the project. And this impact may be significant. We litigate issues concerning the alleged failure of contractors and construction managers progressing with the job in a timely fashion, as well as the alleged failure of engineers or architects creating a proper design for the project.

Real Estate and Construction Lawyers

Our reputation concerning the handling of construction disputes pertaining to property owners is quite solid. However, we have a significant clientele which includes construction managers, engineers, architects, contractors and many other project entities throughout Texas. With over forty years of combined experience in our field, we have been able to note that construction projects usually involve many parties including the property owners, designers, developers, trade contractors, general contractors, construction managers and more. Different complex and sophisticated agreements are what ensures the rights and obligations of all these parties. Here at The Woodall Law Firm PLLC, our real estate and construction attorneys help our clients with the drafting and negotiation of different contract agreements. Due to the fact that we’ve been involved in numerous litigation disputes involving contracts, we are aware of the fact that the contract provisions made in a negotiation must be adhered to, and the negotiation itself may be safely changed.

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Property owners in The Woodlands area trust our real estate attorneys for the handling of all their reals estate legal issues. We help them handle everything from development and zoning issues, to legal representation in financing transactions, to the prosecution and defense of all litigation issues involving real estate. For our clients who are buyers, our lawyers modify, review, and conduct negotiations regarding purchase agreement terms and disputes over property inspections. We also review closing insurance and title insurance commitments, while providing our clients with comprehensive representation till the closing of the transaction. For our clients who are property sellers, we can obtain title insurance commitment, review, modify and conduct negotiations on your real estate sale contract and complete a full review.

At The Woodall Law Firm, we understand that most people, businesses, and corporate entities who need to get involved with a real estate transactions understandably do not have the time or resources to sort through real estate law and regulations themselves. Yet one mistake in filing the documentation, funding the project, obtaining the right title and insurance, and any number of other critical aspects can derail or delay everything. The best solution to this problem of time against necessity may be to retain the services of our Texas real estate attorney. For real estate transactions big and small, our competent team of real estate and construction attorneys are your best bet.


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Real Estate and Construction Law in The Woodlands, Texas

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For the average American or business owner, they will not encounter any transaction bigger, more expensive, and more important than the selling or buying of a piece of real estate. The whole transaction process can get quickly convoluted with legalities, zoning codes, government regulations, and more, regardless if you are interesting in a piece of commercial real estate or something residential. Our real estate and construction lawyers at The Woodall Law Firm have made it their career and mission to take those complications and stacks of paperwork out of the hands of our clients and take care of it all for them.If you are going to enter a real estate transaction soon, you must be aware that there is a seemingly endless supply of potential issues, complications, and legal roadblocks on the path ahead. Due to the fact that a real estate transaction concerns a particularly sizable amount of money and the well being of a family or business, the law must be closely followed and the whole process should be overseen by a professional Texas real estate lawyer.

Team up with one of our real estate and construction lawyers at The Woodall Law Firm PLLC to retain the legal support and guidance necessary to make any real estate transaction decision with foresight, insight, and confidence. Why should you choose to work with The Woodall Law Firm? It’s simple. Some people have come to the incorrect conclusion that all real estate attorneys provide the exact same services but for varying prices. The truth of the matter is that experience, knowledge, and know-how are priceless and unique to the attorney you choose. When you are preparing to make one of the biggest choices you will ever face, you must be certain that you have the best legal counsel available.

Our team at The Woodall Law Firm PLLC believes that we are the best choice of help and representation in real estate transactions all across Texas, but what we think is not as important as what you think. We encourage you to give us a call to discover more about our experience and services during an initial consultation. When we put your concerns to rest and answer all of your questions, we know that you will see the value of reliable help, and that something as critical as your real estate transaction just cannot be entrusted to someone with less capability. We can handle everything from commercial leases, sales, acquisitions, operation of commercial properties (office, industrial, and retail), land development opportunities, drafting and negotiation of purchase and sales agreements, reviews and resolutions of title matters, coordination of operational arrangements, evaluations associated with the sale of commercial properties, and much, much more.

Construction Contracts

At The Woodall Law Firm, we understand that contracts are integral to construction law. Our construction lawyers are well versed in all aspects of construction documents. Due to the experience we have garnered in the design and construction fields over the years, we are quite capable to negotiate, review, and draft contracts that are comprehensive, meets with our clients’ needs, help avoid litigation, as well as keep our clients’ project in line with their time and budget. Our major aim in every contract job is to eliminate or minimize the risks that can be incurred by our clients. And since we are well-experienced in the field of construction contracts, we have the ability to quickly identify any risk involved, and deal with it accordingly so as to eliminate or minimize the effect it would have on our client.

Our team at The Woodall Law Firm PLLC assists clients with all aspects of construction contracts. Different types of parties must take different considerations into account when entering into construction contracts.

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We understand the construction industry from every perspective and we can easily identify and resolve potential issues in a design and construction contract. Since there is no construction project that can be considered as “standard,” we create each contract according to the requirements of our client rather than simply coming up with an industry standard form. Doing this ensures that every issue is addressed, and it also helps avoid litigation and disputes. With our drafting, every right and responsibility will be clear to all parties involved. We also review the contracts drafted by other law firms, design professionals, and contractors critically. Doing this helps us negotiate the best contract terms for our clients.

Our aim is to always develop an enforceable, balanced, and fair contract. When there’s a dispute regarding the contract during the course of construction, our lawyers will rise to the matter and efficiently bring the issue under control so as to ensure that the project isn’t delayed or derailed. Whether it’s litigation or some other alternative for the dispute resolution, we work very hard to reduce costs and bring every dispute under control as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter whether it’s during the construction or at the final phase of the project, we’ll ensure that the issue is favorably and quickly resolved.

Mechanic’s Liens

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Contractors, subcontractors, design professionals, material suppliers, and many other professionals who are being owed for work already done or materials already delivered to construction project, all stand to enjoy a powerful tool provided by the law. This tool is known as “mechanic’s liens” and it’s a statutory claim against real property. It provides all the aforementioned professionals and more with a way to get their payments for labor rendered or delivered materials. Our construction lawyers at The Woodall Law Firm PLLC are aware of the fact that mechanic’s liens have the ability to negatively impact the ownership of a property. Therefore, we usually help owners by advising them on what to do as well as what their rights are when a mechanic’s liens is filed against them for failure of payment. We also help contractors to file mechanic’s liens, and we challenge and search for ways on how to invalidate or vacate an improper, exaggerated, or defective mechanic’s liens.

Our attorneys have helped various general contractors, developers, and owners to discharge liens. With our extensive knowledge and incomparable experience with mechanic’s liens, we are capable of helping our clients in The Woodlands area, as well as the entire state of Texas to successfully walk through the entire process, regardless of how complex it may be. Our legal services includes many aspects. It may be as straightforward as assisting a contractor or subcontractor with the preparation and filing of the necessary paperwork, or it may be as extensive as helping with the bonding, discharge, or foreclosure of the mechanic’s liens. We also offer advocacy and advises for clients, including counseling our clients on the different options and rights they have, renewing or foreclosing liens, and holding discussions about the deadlines and statutory requirements for filing. Our The Woodall Law Firm attorneys also help our clients with the preparation and filing of liens with the right agency or court.


At The Woodall Law Firm, we offer a personalized, small law firm experience, while providing the highest quality legal services for our clients.